Surface Treatments Service

Maximise Parts Lifespan And Efficiency To Save Time And Money

Ensure the smooth running of your operations and achieve maximum efficiency with our professional industrial parts cleaning service.

At Derry Precision Tools we use the latest cleanroom technology and finished component cleaning techniques, so that you get the most from your parts – minimising downtime and eliminating unnecessary costs associated with poor maintenance.

We provide full quality assured parts cleaning services for a comprehensive range of component sizes and material types to a wide range of industries, with fast turnaround times.

Our experienced team of experts can assist with your individual needs and create cost-effective and tailored cleaning solutions to keep your operations performing at the highest levels of efficiency.

Surface Treatments Service

Surface treatments

  • Anodising x 10 stage process up to 2m part capacity

  • Bead blast up to 1m part capacity

  • Passivation up to 0.5m part capacity

Ultra clean parts and processes ‘Class 1000’ cleanroom

  • 40KHZ heated ultrasonic x 3

  • 70KHZ heated ultrasonic

  • Reverse osmosis DI water plant to 18 mega-ohm (ultrapure water)

  • Malvern Static Image Particle Size Analyser

  • Leak test system
  • Pressure test system